How To Become A Web Developer In 2020

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The demand for web developers is only increasing day by day.

A web developer is responsible for many things like gathering all the requirements for the website, handling everything in the back, and also making it useful for the users.

And with each passing day, month and year various new tools come up for the developers to upgrade the website for the users

So, over here we got your back and we are here to tell you everything that you need to learn about web development in 2020

Decide Your Goal As a Web Developer

The very first thing that you need to realize is what is your goal as it will help you a lot to know what all tools and technology you have to learn.

As every web developer chooses a different profile and for every different profile there are various tools.

Basic tools for software web development.


For the code you do not need and expensive computer you can do it in a mid range laptop or the desktop.

Web Browser

The first choice of the people is chrome or Mozilla firefox. Where chrome is quite fast but Mozilla firefox has also come a long way and some of the very good stuff of Mozilla Firefox is not in the chrome.


There are various terminals which you will be using. Some of the terminals are Git bash, iTerm, Hyper, Bash etc.


Design is considered as optional in the web development.

Various Web Development Skills

1) HTML and CSS
2) Git and GitHub
3) Responsive web development and advanced CSS
4) JavaScript and React JS
5) Programming


These are the blocks of development. As no matter how much advanced your web page is for the frontend you will have to use HTML and CSS. HTML or you can say Hyper Text Language is like code which helps you to put various content which includes videos, photos, text and tries to give your page a whole different look. And CSS which is Cascading Style Sheets give your HTML the font, colors, and so on.

All these things will give your website a whole new look.

Git and GitHub

You will always want a way in which you can keep track of your code. In simple words it is a way in which you will be able to store your work, and access the changes anytime. Git and GitHub are the most known version to control tools nowadays and will also help you to manage your projects and websites.

Responsive Web Development and Advance CSS

People not only access websites from laptops or computers but also from mobile phones so, your webpage should be accessible on all the devices.

Which in simple words will mean that you have to make a website in a way that it can open in all the devices?

And to create the website which is accessible in all devices you have to learn advanced CSS.

JavaScript and React JS

The next step in web development is to learn Javascript. Java script helps you to make your website interactive. With this you can include interactive maps and auto-filled forms. With this you will make your site more efficient and quick.


The next step is of programming, it allows you to create the back end of sites, apps and so on. And for programming Javascript must be the first language that you should learn as it can be used for both frontend and backend developers. Java script is considered as an easy language. 

Java script is quite slow but languages like C and C++ are faster than Javascript. But Java script is considered as the boss.

The more you learn the more the easier it will be to fit all these technologies altogether. You should start with one step a time.

If you will follow all these steps then you will be on a way of becoming a web developer and after learning you can start working on it and you can also start applying for the jobs as well

Few of the job tips:

  • Focus on the Javascript, Node. Just do not try to learn each and everything that crosses your path. You should go deep and not wide.
  • Start to build a portfolio website. Which will be considered as an example that you are able to create websites.
  • Apply to as many jobs as you can, as you will eventually get the job you want.
  • Never stop creating projects. Do that regularly to make yourself perfect in it.