How to design a website: Easy to follow steps

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How to design a website: Easy to follow steps

Website is the online space which gives idea and information to the users about your business. Having the attractive website is must if you want to grow your business online.

Well many of you think website designing is not for everyone but no, now due to the advancement in technology designing website has become much easy than you wonder. There are many tools available like website builders, themes, templates and basic understanding of web design principles with bit of practice make it possible for anyone to design website that can obviously catch your user eyes.

Let’s take a look to the steps that to follow while designing your website:

  • Define your site‘s purpose
  • Select your platform
  • Choose your template/theme
  • Design your branding
  • Create, find and add in your content
  • Publish your website
  • Analyze and improve

Define your site’s purpose:

As before establishing a business we define the main goal of business, similarly before we start designing the website the very first step is to define the purpose of building the website.

Why you want to build the website and what you want to achieve through the website? You should have crystal clear idea of these questions before processing further.

There are many ideas on which your website can be build. Let’s take look on some forms of website that you can keep in mind while defining your purpose.

  • E-commerce website: online store to sell your products
  • Portfolio and Brochure sites: Portfolio sites are best for individuals to showcase their work in form of case study or photos whereas brochure site are for the businesses, group or non-profit organization and these sites contain large piece of information including blogs or some lead generation feature.
  • Blog: These sites are informative and entertaining which helps the user to gain the knowledge of the product or service if they need.
  • Professional Services Sites: These types of sites include the professions like hotel, web design agencies, law firms, or real estate agencies etc.

No matter what type of website you build, the main key is to focus on what goal you want to achieve through it.

Select your platform:

We have completed our first step, now the next step that follows is to choose the platform where you can design your website. Obviously website designing need coding but today there are website builders and ecommerce platform where you don’t have to worry for coding. You have to simply choose a platform and start designing your website

You can build your website through WordPress or other website builders like Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, Big Commerce etc.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for website designing it is self hosted open source CMS. It is technically free to use, you only have to pay for your domain name, web hosting security or an additional plugins. It provides you the full control over look and feel of your website.

Choose your template/theme:

You have set the goal that you want to achieve through your site and also selected the platform where you will build your site. Now the next step is to choose template also referred as theme, which will suit your purpose in designing.

Website platforms provide you with prebuilt templates categorized through industries that you can select for your website. You can also customize those templates as per your liking by changing font, text, color, image etc. These templates have prebuilt pages such as contact form, menu page, contact details etc. These templates gave you the preview before you select it and go on for editing.

Design your branding:

When you start designing the site, you have to keep this in mind that whole look of website shows the story of your brand, whether it is color scheme, font style or the images that you put. You should make sure that all the elements that you add in websites should deliver the common message.

Color: Well color plays huge role in defining your website and your brand. It is said that a signature color can increase the brand recognizition by 80%. Let’s look to the basic colors and their means:

  • Black- represents luxury, sophistication, elegance and power.
  • Gray – represents simplicity, neutrality, logic , future
  • Red – represents urgency, excitement, danger, and passion.
  • Pink- represents sweetness, femininity, innocence, and romance.
  • Yellow- represents optimism, cheerfulness, and youth.
  • Orange – represents creativity, friendliness, and enthusiasm.
  • Purple – represents success, wisdom, wealth, and royalty.
  • Green – represents health, wealth, peacefulness and nature.
  • Blue – represents security, stability, trust, and calmness.

Most brands have one color as their dominant color with two or three secondary colors.

Images: visual content helps in increasing the engaging of traffic towards the website.

Create, find and add in your content:

You have designed an attractive website, so now let’s create and add the content to your website that is obviously plays vital role in sharing information.

You should first find out you ‘target audience’ and then should create content that will engage your audience to your site. If you think you once update the content on your site and you are done with it, you are wrong you should regularly keep updating the content for audience that will keep updating them regularly about your products whenever there is any change or any new product or service you brought their to sell.

Make your content informative and with all the related facts and feature of the product or service that you are offering them.

Publish your website, analyze and improve:

You have finally followed all the steps and be happy as you have finally designed your website as you liked. Now you have to publish your website, first publish it preview mode and ask your friends, family and colleagues to use it share their opinion if all the pages and link provided in the site are working properly or not.

Receive feedback and analyze it, if you see and face any problem in preview mode than go and improve it before making your website official for all the users.