How To Build Backlinks In 2020 (9 Proven Strategies)

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Build backlinks in 2020. Backlinks are the links that land you to the page of another website from the current website. This is also known as inbound links, incoming links, or one-way links.

Backlinks are considered as votes for a specific page by different search engines like Google. Higher the number of backlinks on a page, the higher is the ranking on the organic search engines.

Why backlinks are important?

Here are a few points about why backlinks are important for your website:

  • It improves organic ranking.
  • It helps in faster discovery and indexing of the site.

 It helps to get referral traffic, as it is targeted and has a low bounce rate.

Need to build Backlinks

It seems tempting to build many backlinks quickly because as many backlinks you have, the chance of gaining visitors from different channels increases.

Only creating backlinks don’t help much, you need to build quality backlinks to drive traffic to your site and to increase the ranking of your site.

The process for building backlinks in 2020 requires creativity, persistence, consistency, networking, and social skills.

Nine Proven Strategies to build quality backlinks

Here we are going to discuss nine proven strategies that help to build quality backlinks for your website.

High-Quality Content

The quality of content is the key to attract people to your site.

You should create content regularly with the trending topics and the original data to make your website valuable, attractive, and enjoyable to others.

Here are some points to create quality content for your site:

  • Solve the problem: Most of the people read content because they are looking for a solution to their problem. You should make sure that your article carries the content that helps them to fix it.
  • Easy to read: You should write your content in simple language that will be easy to understand.
  • Make your article attractive by adding formatting, heading, images, and other multimedia.

Have a unique angle for your site to stand out from others.

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Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a strategy where you write a post for other people’s blogs, instead of your own blog.

You can look for the sites that had already accepted guest posts, it will increase the chance of getting accepted for you. These sites typically have a page calling for contributors, such as” write for us” or “contribute ” page. You can use Google Advanced Search operators to find these types of sites You can simply follow the instruction and submit the pitch.

Blog Commenting

It is the easiest way to build links. It is a way to get nofollow backlinks, which help to keep a nice balance in your backlink profile.

  • It helps in engaging with other bloggers which helps to build relationships.
  • You can use any of your blog post URLs while commenting and can get SEO benefits such as better indexing, crawlability, more visibility, and increased search ranking.

It can sometimes lead you to write a guest post for other blogs

Broken Link Building

The web is constantly evolving. Pages change, moved, or get deleted. These are the pages that have 404 errors. Broken links are the links to the pages that no longer exist. Broken links contribute to poor user experience.

The concept of this strategy is as follows:

  • You find a broken link.
  • You recreate the dead content
  • Then reach out to the people linking to that dead content and ask them to link to your recreated version.

The important part of this strategy is to find the right ‘broken’ content to recreate and pitch.

Offer Testimonials

You can get highly relevant and quality backlinks by using customer testimonials. It is the most effective strategy to get backlinks without creating more content for your blogs. If you’re using a product or service that you love (or at least like), consider sending the testimonial to the company.

Captivating Infographics

You can also turn images into quality backlinks. Infographics are beautifully explained through images.

The information in Infographics is easy to understand and it gets shared on social media and frequently linked with our blogs.

You can use tools like photoshop, gimp or can hire a designer to create your Infographics, you should make sure to create embedded code at the end of the Infographics designs that easily let others link back to your sites.

Blogger Reviews

You can get the reviews of bloggers by offering your product free.

Social Media Platform

You can share your quality content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Pinterest and other open networking sites. It is the best way to share your content with others.

If your followers like your content and gain valuable information from it they may link it naturally and also can share with others having the same interest.

Be Interactive On Quora

Quora is one of the best ways to get backlinks.

It is like the Yahoo answers where you can gain knowledge in any field.

You can target your audience by searching for the questions that relate to your website and from there you can attract traffic by backlink.