9 Skills you need to become a web designer

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9 Skills you need to become a web designer

If you want to become a successful web designer than you should always keep learning and improving your skills whether they are technical or soft skills. You should always keep working toward the betterment of your skills.

Web designer is the profession where one have to always keep up with the market trends so that they can offer their clients best solution for their problems as per the industry trends going on. Well you can say that adaptability is one of the key point that is required by the web designers to become successful.

John Terry, CEO at Careers Booster has stated that “A successful web designer has the ability to adapt and constantly grow under the pressure of a fast-changing industry. Nowadays, the most successful web designers have already become “full stack designers”, which is the equivalent of multi-purposed designers that can deal with the back-end development and the UX improvement”

So, lets introduce to the skills that you need in becoming successful web designer.

Visual Design

As a web designer it is obvious that you need to have the design knowledge, visual design is what you need to learn that is used for the digital products. Visual design is the case where you choose the design principle that is used to enhance the look and the feel of the site. It is closely linked to the user experience.

The tools that you used in visual designing are typography, grid system, color psychology, color palette, web fonts, type hierarchy.


UX stand for the user experience, you can understand it as the emotional experience of someone towards the website whereas UI focuses on specificity such as web pages, buttons, menus, micro-interactions.

UX is about approaching your designing as per the users perspective. It is one of the most influential factor which describe the success of your website in today’s time. UI elements provide the guidance to the audience and obstruction free experience through the designs.

UI tools helps the user to navigate freely thought the site without facing any problems. The better you are at UX more successful you will be as a designer.

Design software

Having knowledge of the right tools that are needed in designing is must to create a great website. As a designer it is necessary for you to have the knowledge of the software that are used in designing websites. As website is designed in web browser, tools like Adobe Photoshop, illustrator and sketch are used in creating mockups, designing logos and Images, and also modifying and enhancing photos.

The knowledge of these tools will always help you in creating the website that is loved and appreciated by the users.


If you think you don’t need to learn some coding language as a web designer that you are wrong. As a web designer this skill is required nowadays. It is expected skill that is required if you want to start web designing as a profession.

HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language) makes the coding easy for the designers. HTML Is used to optimize and place your content on the web by giving it proper structure and form. Simply you can say HTML organises the way you put words into paragraphs, headings or footers and also it helps in arranging and placing videos, photos and graphics on the site where you need.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. For designers CSS and HTML work as partners as CSS is code that inform the browser how to format and style the HTML components of a web page.

You can also say that CSS make the text and content look good on the site. CSS helps you in adjusting the color, changing the fonts or adding or removing the background and much more. CSS helps you so that you can put your creative stamp on every site that is created by you.

Time Management

This is the skill that is needed by almost each and every profession. As a web designer time management skill is much needed as you often have to respect the deadlines given also to communicate the regular reports that shouldn’t be delayed.

There are some tool that you should learn whether you are working for big organization or you are freelancer to keep the tracks of your projects. Trello or JIRA are the project tracking tools that you should learn if you are working in a large organization. Whatever tool you learn, art of prioritizing and tracking your work will be essential for the success as a designer in this busy world.

Communication Skills

This is also the important skills for designer as you have to explain your creations and keep updated your clients on the progress of their projects. If you only focus on creating websites and lack in communicating it well to the clients than you can face some problems in growth. Sometimes you may get asked to come to copywriting or editing the sites, especially when you are running your own one (wo)man shop. You should have grateful writing and presentation skill so you can get at your point in any situation.

Digital Marketing/SEO/Social media

All businesses are growing online so the need of SEO, digital marketing is also increasing. As a web designer you should also learn these skills as most of the business are online nowadays, it will help you to market your web designer skills online and sell them.

You should learn these skills so that you can work on the projects that are connected to these online platforms and trends.

Business/Client Management

Management is need whether to improve your own business or to satisfy your clients needs. For learning management you don’t have to go through all your MBA, you just need to remember and have an idea about goals and finances of your employer or your own business so that you can use it to guide your work.

If you are designing directly for the clients you should make sure that you have a healthy cash flow and Project backlog that is durable for both short and long terms.