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What is a white label partner, how does it benefit my agency, and how do I choose one?

When you do something day after day, you forget that other people in the world may not know what you are really doing. After having a conversation with a friend this week, I realized that the term “White Label Partner” is not something that the entire WordPress community knows about. They may be new to the industry or not very active in communities where this type of service is known and frequently discussed.

So what is a white label partner?

In a nutshell

A white label partner is a person or team that works on your client’s project but appears to be part of your core team. They use your brand email, the project management (PM) tool of your choice, and may even create a social media alias from which to speak directly to your end customer.

This partner can work with various web, marketing, digital or other agencies, freelancers, or consultants to provide the results to the agencies they work for, and these agencies, in turn, present the work to their clients. The agency is happy and so is the client: it is a win-win scenario.

What are the advantages of my agency?

Outsourcing work is nothing new. Although the main advantages may not be so obvious:

It enables your business to grow without the commitment of increasing your headcount and annual salary costs.
You can spend more time developing processes, training staff, and chasing leads.
Clients get work on time and on budget, making you their go-to person in the industry.
It gives you what everyone is looking for: MORE HOURS PER DAY.
The other advantage of outsourcing is that you don’t have to contract within your own country, city, or local area. Outsourcing allows you to work with anyone and in any country you want. Technically you can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, outsourcing the work in different time zones. I know of some agencies that do just that.

What risks and red flags should I be aware of?

So far I’ve made white label agency outsourcing sound amazing, right? Well, it’s not all rainbow kisses and unicorn magic. Outsourcing to any third party has its dangers and white label agencies are no different.

When you choose a white label agency, you have to make sure that they have your back and that they are properly prepared to offer a true white-label service. These are some of the things to ensure that your associated white label agency is doing.

White Label Email – Will they use your email domain when setting up the WordPress site or will they use their own email and play the game?
Blank Avatar – You, your white label partner, and your customer may have the same social groups in common or a circle of friends. If your white label partner puts his face on everything, he will soon realize that he has hired outside help, lowering his agency’s expert status in the eyes of his clients.
Workload / Capacity – One of the main reasons agencies outsource is so they can free up your or your team’s time. The last thing you want is for your partner to rush past deadlines after promising that he could meet the deadline.
Flexibility – At this point, you have to give or take away. Your white-label agency partner should have their own preferred tools, ways of working, operating procedures, quality assurance, and work schedules, BUT they should be a bit flexible. After all, your agency is unique compared to the others they work with. See where the flex parts are and if the partner can meet your needs.
Tools and Procedures – This is crucial. Does your partner have the right tools to keep his word? Do you have processes to ensure that your work is efficient and is always repeated with the same level of quality?
Communication: the key to any healthy personal or business relationship is good communication. At the very least, does your partner keep you abreast of developments? Do you wait days, weeks, or months before you have news? Are you chasing you and not answering you? Your partner must have a clear and defined way of ensuring that you and your client are aware of each stage of the process.
Do they ask questions? – They don’t ask questions? Are they sure they understand the instructions and what is needed? Do you send screenshots to ask for feedback or confirmation? If there are hardly any questions, either you have a genius working with you and everything will be great, or someone who is improvising and may not know the answer and instead of doing what they think is right, which they probably don’t. be the case.

Approve your white label partner by researching it

Working with an approved white label partner means that you can enjoy all the benefits we mentioned at the beginning of this article, without a single red flag!

Research can be as simple as asking a few questions. However, don’t just ask white label agencies how much we cost. Yes, we have to be affordable, although there are also ways to deny this, we also have to be trustworthy. Losing money by spending a little more is much better than earning a bad reputation by working with a cheap but unreliable partner.

So how do you research a web agency that your dear clients will trust? Well then, I’ve got you covered. We have put together a research sheet that you can have on your desk when you call or meet with a white label partner. You just have to ask the questions or similar ones, and take notes. Come back to her later and make an informed decision.

At NO LABEL Studios, we are dedicated to being a true white label partner for our marketing agency clients. We design and implement WordPress websites, funnels, and checkout flows using Elementor, and other partner solutions, for various agencies around the world.

If you want to talk to us about your white label needs or just want to receive our Getting Started Guide and other documents, contact us.

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