Business Analysis & Consulting

What is business analysis?

According to the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysts), “Business analysis is the practice that allows change in an organizational context, defining needs and recommending solutions that add value to stakeholders.”

What is a project / operational requirement?

What services does a business consultant provide?

  • Mapping, analysis, and improvement of business processes
  • Project initiation/maintenance
  • Requirements management
  • Acquisition of products
  • Product testing
  • Support for software implementation

Engage to Discover

Identify opportunities
Collect baseline data
Clarify desired outcomes


Simplify in Design

Analyze and interpret data
Explore best practices
Evaluate possible solutions
Select design

Realize to Enable The Mission

Plan and implement
Deploy communication and change anagement plans
Measure and monitor impact

How do you hire a Business Consultant?

All IT Business Consultants have worked together to align with specific Divisions, Departments, and Business Units at the College of Charleston, being their primary point of contact within IT to initiate new projects, maintenance requests, and other business-related needs. deal. To find out which Business Consultant is aligned to work with your office, please see our Business Consultant / Business Unit Alignment Knowledge Base article.

An IT business analyst’s involvement can come in the form of a request for new or pre-purchased software, or by reviewing business processes and using IT resources to fill any gaps.

  • Stakeholder / Business Analysis – Investigate which processes stakeholders are currently using and how they can be related to issues and inefficiencies
  • Scope specification – Limit the objectives of a commitment and the different levels of tasks associated with the achievement of the objective.
  • Data modeling – Visualization of the pathways between data points to find the right connections between software solutions and existing systems.
  • Test planning – Creation of specific scenarios to test the functionality of the solution in multiple scenarios, from daily operations to emergency actions.

Establish and maximize your online presence

If you don’t have an online presence yet, or if you want to grow your online presence, our business consulting and analytics services can help.

Identify your audience

One of the biggest problems companies face when marketing online is that they pay to reach a lot of people, but the conversions (leads or sales) from that effort or expense are minimal. Often this is because you are targeting the wrong audience, so with each client, we work with, we start by identifying that audience. This includes demographics (age, gender, education level, etc.), but also includes buyer motivation. In other words, what are the factors that make a customer make a purchasing decision? We also look at how your target customers use the Internet: what type of content they consume, what websites they consult, what social media channels they use, which of those social media channels are the most responsive, etc. This will provide you with a good platform from which to build a digital marketing strategy.

Develop a strategy

Once you know who your target audience is and how they use digital media, a digital marketing strategy can be developed. This involves looking at various factors. We typically start with any digital marketing efforts you’ve made in the past, where we look at what you did and the results you achieved. We also look at the digital footprint of your competitors to understand the digital marketing strategies they use. Additionally, we use our extensive knowledge of digital marketing strategies to develop and adopt solutions that work for your business. The goal is to identify the strategies that work and couple them with new and innovative ideas that deliver profitability.

Implement the strategy

The next step in establishing your business online and helping it grow is implementing your digital marketing strategy. In this phase, it is important to allocate enough resources so that the different lines of the strategy have the opportunity to work. One of the challenges you’ll face in doing this is managing expectations – yours and those of those around you. Some individual digital marketing strategies can deliver immediate results and immediate return – a good example is PPC ads. Others, however, take time to have a positive effect, sometimes several months. However, the payoff from these strategies is long-lasting, so it’s worth making sure your plan is adequately resourced.

Measure and improve

The last stage of implementing an effective online strategy is continuous. It consists of measuring the results of your efforts in relation to your goals and your overall objective, especially to analyze the rates of return achieved. Next, it’s important to dig into the elements of each campaign to identify what worked well and what could have been better. With this information, you can refine your next campaign, correcting the things that are not working well and expanding the ones that do to improve return rates. This constant measurement and improvement will help you build on your successes and stay relevant in an ever-changing online world.

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