6 Essential Marketing Trends for 2020

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6 Essential Marketing Trends for 2020

Marketing world is constantly changing. If we look back a decade, marketing is done on different basis that was mostly through television ads, newspapers, magazines, hoardings etc. In this past decade marketing aspects and platforms are changed constantly. Marketing has taken step toward the digital platforms. Today most of the businesses are registered online and are doing their marketing through digital platforms like websites, social media platforms, you tube etc. as consumer behaviours and preference has also changed constantly over the past decade.

In the current year 2020, whole concept of marketing, shopping, buying behaviour has almost changed due to the introduction of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those customers who were not digitally active earlier are now added in this community. Digital marketing is the latest trend that is being adapted by almost all the companies for advertising and selling their products and service to their customers.

Let’s go through some of the marketing trends that are essential in 2020:

An attractive website:

There are multiple online platforms that are used by any business for marketing, the list of online platforms are as: emails, websites, social media, video, paid search, direct mail, landing pages, data capture forms etc. Whatever online platform you are using for marketing your services and products, your website is most important tool for marketers of your business.

Your website must support all of your digital marketing efforts. Whatever ad, communication or content you put on any platform regarding your services and products will lead back customers on your company website. So, your website should be easily accessible on all devices so that your customer doesn’t have to face problem while using your website. The content and information of all the products and services offered by your company should be attractive, clear and easily understandable by the customers.

In 2020, you should focus on building website strategy as per your audience needs and preferences so that your customers get good experience while shopping from your website. Good user experience will automatically build trust which will lead in driving more customers to your site and will increase the sales.

Content Marketing:

Years passed in digital marketing, still the saying “content is king “is so far true.
Content marketing so far has created amazing results for the businesses in respective of which industry you are in. Through the researches, 86% of marketers stated that most of the time is spent on creating content.

High quality content is always beneficial as it shows your expertise and also communicates with your customers from a place of authority. Your content is what is searched on the search engines, having high quality content make it possible to be in top searches of your related customers in the search engines. Now day’s customer attention span is getting shorter, so you should regularly keep auditing your content so that it keeps catching eyes of your customers and continue to engage them toward your products and marketing.

Video Content

In 2019, video making had become an important tool in digital marketing which is likely to be continuing in 2020 and beyond. Customers respond well to the video content as it keep them engage to look over the full video to know more about the product or service which is provided by your company. Videos are usually short, attractive and informative.

The live video trend is also used for marketing purpose through Facebook live and Instagram live. On an average live videos keep your customers watching three times more than the recorded videos. As per record in the past one year daily watch times of Facebook live videos is quadrupled and it produce six times more interaction than the traditional videos.

Shoppable Post

In 2020, it is highly unlikely that we know anyone who is not using any social media platform. Social media has become the integral part of digital marketing whether it is facebook, instagram, pinterest, LinkedIn or any other platform. These all platforms provide tremendous opportunities for the business to sell their product online and to interact with them.

These platforms make it easier to reach the customers for the merchants. Most of the ecommerce sites have started creating shoppable posts through which customers can buy from the social media page directly. It creates the sales funnel small and also make easier to shop for the users.


All of us know that today customers have become more picky and choosy while purchasing any product or while watching any marketing ad. If the customer don’t feel the connection with the ad they are adapt to tune out those easily. What you can do so that your customers feel connected toward your product or service? Don’t think much, personalization is the option for this.

Email marketing is best for doing personalized marketing of the product, Segmented lists with personalized emails will create the best result in comparison to the generic mails and ads. It helps you to connect with the customers in meaningful ways and which helps you to gain the trust and loyalty of your customers.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

In recent years, both AR and VR have become popular and also are emerging as top trend in marketing. Despite VR’s early lead, It is expected that in 2020 AR will surpass VR popularity.

Already AR is being used by many major companies as a tool of marketing. It provides the actual view of the product in the place where you want to use it, if it suits your taste and liking you can o and buy and if not you can always go for another product.

For example, Lenskart is using AR as marketing where you can try the lenses on yourself and see how you look on those frames before buying.