10 Web Design Trends For 2020

by May 22, 2020Web Development0 comments

The web design trends is changing on constant basis and in 2020 there is going to be a huge role of designers.

Top 10 Web Design Trends:

1) Oversized type and elements
2) Dark mode
3) The solid frame of white space
4) Immersive 3D elements
5) Split-screen content
6) Color blocks
7) Full-screen forms
8) Overlapping layers
9) Exposed grid and windows
10) Tailored illustrations

Oversized type and elements

To communicate in a good way websites gives large elements. The design in the webpage goes from bold and big words to the images and videos in full screen and many of the times oversized icons too.

 The large elements in the web design are quite catchy to the people as well as it looks good on every type of screen.

Now-a-days more and more of the website choose the full screen images and videos.

Dark Mode

When you use dark mode in your web design it looks quite modern, as well as they are catchy for the eyes too and all the elements that you put comes differently and in a good way in the dark mode.

Dark mode also enhances the visibility for all other elements. As well as dark mode goes good with other dark mode trends in 2020.

Solid frame of white space

Nowadays designers are focusing a lot on the use of white space. White space is considered to be the blank space in between all the elements.  It gives the design stability and in 2020 we will see white space design growing enormously. It also creates a perfect foundation for the visuals to shine.

Immersive 3D elements

When it comes to 3D elements it always delights to the people. Earlier the technology was expensive so it holds people back but now there is no such thing.

Till the time VR will become more in trend the 3D elements are making the work easier and catchy and give your website a whole new look. In 2020 everyone can expect to see more of the 3D web design.

Split screen content

Many of the times people have more than one idea and do not what essence to leave so for that you can move to split the screen and it will still look good on the website.

This web design is very much captivating and will be seen a lot in 2020.

Color blocks

Few websites break into even more other parts. Which results in different sized. Which will express more than one message on a single website page? And with color blocks you can make it becomes even more delightful for the eyes. You have to do it in a way that does not look like a college at the end and should be in a way that is understood by the people visiting the website.

Full Screen Forms

It includes the online forms which have the information about everything right from starting to signing for the service to fill up the delivery information. But many of the time users don’t go and fill it up so the best way is to drag the forms to full screen as is more attracting when anyone visit the website.

Overlapping Layers

This effect can be done by layering few elements on top of each other and in a way that they are half visible or by adding the pop up view. This looks rich to the website if done in great way. This can be created by parallax scrolling , lightboxes.

Exposed grid and windows

Thin lines, strokes, rectangles just divide your screen in sections. Earlier the grid very exposed for behind the website, but now it is highlighted in the front and will be seen a lot in the 2020.

And also gives the website a beautiful look for the people to visit.

Tailored illustrations

Add illustrations to the website are now not just to add on the page but now web designers add them on purpose, just to support the message they are giving and to make it more attractive. Because adding illustrations make people read more about it with enthusiasm. In addition to it try to add some high-quality images that can give perfect support to your brands.

In 2020 web design trends you will lots of eye-catching colors, 3D elements in 2020 new style. It will be the modern design and will be beyond the screen as well while making it a user-friendly website.

We can totally say that 2020 will be full of surprises when it will come it web designing.